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"Fé Toki" Disponible

Guinea Music All Stars
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Moh ! Kouyaté has gone into a new project which is quite a feat : to put in the international public eye the modern music of Guinea. To do it, the guitarist singer has gathered around great figures such as Sekouba Bambino, young homeland talents, singers and players and specially composed a repertoire including some rearranged great classics from the golden age orchestras of Conakry.

Since his arrival in Paris in 2007, Moh ! Kouyaté has imposed his vision, an artistic search for cross-breeding in which he mixes African pop music and African beat with a touch of pop and groove, like in his hit « T'en va pas » (Don't go), without forgetting his mandingo heritage and the blues which have shaped his character. This gifted guitarist and multilingual singer has made a remarkable way - African pop music ? Blues mandingo ? Western African rock funk ? Everyone has his own definition - a restive formula to the predifined format which echoes his words, a positive energy to build a better life together.

It is from that perspective that this new project, which he has been having in mind for ages, has to be understood. Code name ; Guinea Music All Stars, a bridge between generations, in order to highlight the Guinean music. Moh ! aims at sharing his experience and showing the still alive current stage of Conakry while honouring the ones who have radiated in Africa and beyond. Nobody has forgotten the Benbeya jazz, Bala and his baladins, two mythical orchestras which he performs a part of their repertoire transfigured by new arrangements. Moh ! Kouyaté has mainly
composed a complete mandigo repertoire which gathers ryhmical power and relevant melody.

On his side, the charismatic leader brings together a variety of young and confirmed talents, plugged or unplugged who are part of the richness of Guinea, guitars and keyboards, bass and drums but also the amazing balaton, the noble kora and the subtle ngoni. Two singers ; Sekouba Bambino, « the most beautiful voice of Africa, a recognizable tone of voice among others and Little Kandia, the voice of this new griotique generation. Some guests will join him to sing such as the diva Adama Kouyaté and the great rapper Phaduba, without forgetting the golden voice of Mory Kanté ...

In the wake of the elders, Moh ! combines innovation and tradition, endless love songs and lyrics which deal with tough news for everyone, mainly for the youngsters. On Sewa-la joie, he makes us dance while healing the wounds which have been present in Guinea for such a long time. Only in this way , for better or for worse, still aware of the difficulties of the past as well as the sound of tomorrow, would Guinea find back the place it deserves.

Jacques Denis

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